You are looking for an environment-friendly fuel that is produced in an sustainable way? With van Roje Pellets from the Westerwald region, you have found the right organic fuel! In the production of our wood pellets, we focus on environmentally friendly and sustainable production in addition to high quality.

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  • Effective usage of by-products from wood processing

    The wood chips and sawdust produced in the sawmill are refined into high-quality wood pellets on site in Oberhonnefeld. Local processing reduces CO2 emissions, because we completely dispense with additional transport of wood chips or sawdust purchased externally and ensure resource-efficient use of the raw material.

    Next to our van Roje pellet plant, the large biomass heating plant was built a year later. In this way, we ensure that only renewable energy from our biomass heating plant is used for the production of van Roje wood pellets. 

    WOOD Pellets

    Environmentally friendly production


    van Roje wood pellets - better than the norm, that is our promise!

    • High quality: DINplus & ENplus A1 certified
    • Made from 100% natural sawdust, without artificial binders
    • Environmentally friendly and sustainable production
    • No additional transport costs, no additional emissions
    • Raw material from regional and sustainable forests

    OUR Wood pellets

    CertifieD Excellence


    Van Roje pellets are a CO2-neutral fuel made from natural spruce wood and are processed in our own sawmill. This means that no CO2-emissions are produced during the transport of the sawdust.


    Download Certificate DINplus


    As part of the ENplus certification, the entire production and distribution chain is controlled. The van Roje pellets are produced without the addition of artificial binders. They are characterised by an above-average calorific value and a very low dust content.


    Download CertifiCate ENplus A1