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Raw Materials.

We refer our raw material out effectively managed forests in Rhineland-Palatinate, Hessen, North Rhine-Westphalia as well as the neighbouring federal and European Union countries. Many of our delivery enterprises lead already today an appropriate certificate to the proof of the lasting management.

Every year we purchase approx. 400,000 solid cubic meters of logs in the neighbouring federal states and European countries, of which 90 % is spruce and 10 % Douglas fir. Nearly the entire quantity is processed as long trunks.

The strength class emphasis is with 2b/3a, whereby PZ-wood of the class 1 is not processed. The measurement of the round timber takes place over a calibrated plant: This fulfills the log measurement criteria of the forestry advice (DFWR) and the sawing and wood industry (VDS). Private-economical suppliers exclusively settle accounts with us over this air passage. Meanwhile many public delivery enterprises use this measurement possibility.

Purchase policy The company van Roje understands as their total responsibility and undertakes their best possible efforts to avoid the trade and purchase of logs of the following mentioned categories:

  • illegally harvested logs
  • logs harvested in areas where traditional civic rights and personal rights are not accepted
  • logs harvested out of forests where the sustainability and forest health is in danger while cutting logs
  • logs delivered out of natural forests while transforming into plantation or transforming not for forestal use in the future
  • logs out of forests which were planted with genetically modified species.

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