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We take responsibility

No economy without ecology

The economic use of wood as a raw material must always take into account the associated ecological aspects. For us, this means dealing responsibly with the available resources every day.

That is why we have taken responsibility and support sustainable forestry that also thinks about future generations.

  • This means:

    • Use of exclusively native woods

    • Protection and care of the forest

    • Reforestation of vacant areas

    • Careful handling of the forest floor

    • Protection of flora and fauna

    • Management in harmony with nature.

    Using wood is climate protection.

    In terms of carbon footprint, wood is vastly superior to other building materials.

    With our CO2 footprint certified by TÜV-Rheinland, van Roje is the first company in the industry to have determined a product-specific carbon footprint (PCF) in accordance with the ISO 14044 standard..

    We require the highest standards on environmentally friendly and resource-saving production and 100% recycling of raw materials. Our investments in the past years in the area of environment and energy: 

    • Annual savings of more than 130,000 tonnes of CO2

    • Pellet plant with a capacity of approx. 90,000 to/a (corresponds to 119,880 to CO2 equivalents)

    • Biomass heating plant with a capacity of 10 MW and an annual energy output of 50,000 MWh (equivalent to 13,320 tonnes of CO2 equivalents)

    • Solar power plant with a capacity of 600 kW and an annual energy output of 500,000 kWh (equivalent to 281 tonnes of CO2 equivalents)


    Using wood

    is climate protection

    We are your certified

    sawmill in Rhineland-Palatinate

    Biomass heating plant

    and solar energy system

    We are your certified sawmill

    All processing steps, from harvesting and transporting the raw material, to processing and shipping the finished product, are constantly checked and optimised for their energy efficiency and environmental effects. We prove the responsible use of resources through corresponding documentation and certification of our products and processes.

    For example, the use of wood from sustainable and environmentally friendly forestry is verified by FSC and PEFC certificates, energy efficiency is documented as part of a TÜV-certified energy management system, and the monitoring, assessment and recognition of factory production control in accordance with EN 14081-1 is regularly audited by the Frauenhofer Institute for Wood Research. In order to expand the documentation with regard to a product-specific environmental statement, a balance sheet for a Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) was drawn up for the sawn timber produced.

    Biomass heating plant and solar energy system

    Holzwerke van Roje invests significantly in renewable energies. The sawdust produced in the production process is dried and pressed into pellets directly on site. All with green energy from our own heating plant. We recycle 100% of the raw material at the plant without producing waste.


    We prove the exclusive use of wood from sustainable and environmentally friendly forestry through our FSC certification.


    Download FSC-Certificate


    We are PEFC certified and thus support sustainable forest management that meets ecological, social and economic standards.


    Download PEFC-Certifcate

    PRODUCT CARBON Footprint

    With the TÜV-Rheinland certified carbon footprint, van Roje is the first company in the industry to determine a product-specific carbon footprint according to the ISO 14044 standard.


    Download Flyer CO2 Footprint