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Sawmill van Roje.
susstained healthy growth.

Initial activities in `the old days´ by the company ranged between pit-prop production and trading in timber, until a dramatic leap in development in the year 1966, as a new and modern sawmill was installed.


A further milestone of development took place in 1996: the new production location at Oberhonnefeld was created. This step was taken not only on the grounds of expansion, it also provided for an excellent opportunity for optimum links to the infrastructure. And so the course was set for the future, enabling all divisions and sub-divisions of the company to germinate and grow.



The future: energy from biomass

The year 2007 saw the inauguration of a new pellet factory, and then directly one year after, the large biomass heating plant. This comprehensive investment is proof firstly of the dynamic way forward in the company, and secondly the important and forward-looking entry into the production and thermal recycling of regenerative energy supplies.

Today, van Roje is setting its course on further expansion: constant investment in technology and products provide the way for innovation, a healthy and continuous growth in the company, as well as for an enduring creation of value – for our customers and for us.


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